Texas Emergency Services Retirement System

Retirement Process

When a member is ready to retire, the Local Board must take the following steps in order for the TESRS office to process and begin payment of the member's retirement:

  • To begin the retirement process, make sure that the member is terminated from your pension roster. TESRS will be unable to provide the member with retirement material until they are no longer active in the System.
  • The vested-terminated member will apply for retirement by contacting the TESRS office and submitting the Service Retirement Application.

  • Upon receipt of the Application, TESRS will provide the member with a Service Retirement Certification (SRC) to approve and sign via DocuSign, a secure online signing service. Once the member approves the document, a notice will be sent to the Local Board to hold a meeting within 16 days to deliberate and take action upon the SRC. 

  • At the meeting of the Local Board, the members should review service history and other pertinent member information, and then confirm or deny the award of retirement benefits. If denied, the applying member can appeal the decision through a separate process. 

  • Once approved, the Local Board chair will sign the DocuSign of the SRC confirming that the Local Board has met and approves the reward of retirement benefits to the member. 

  • The member will begin to receive their payment in about 16 days after this process has been complete.

Please review the schedule for retirement processing here: Retirement Processing Schedule

Membership Reconciliation Report (MRR)

Approximately thirty days before the close of February and August, TESRS will send the MRR reports to the local pension board chairpersons. The MRR report is a roster of all active members and details department membership charges and credits for the current period. If this report is incorrect, the local pension board administrator will need to log on to TESRS Online to correct pension records to reflect department rosters by adding or terminating members. Membership changes need to be made at least 5 days before the end of February and August to ensure correct billings.

Departments are charged at the monthly contribution rate set by the local board under contract, which is called the 'Part One" or 'Member' contribution. The 'Part Two' or 'System' contribution will also be included on invoices, if the TESRS Board of Trustees has instituted that contribution type to make the System actuarially sound.  All contribution charges will be assessed in monthly increments, but totaled on a semi-annual basis.


At the close of business on the last day of each February and August, TESRS will invoice departments based on membership in the pension system on that date. All invoices are payable within 30 days from the invoice date or interest charges will accrue.