Texas Emergency Services Retirement System

Annual Report Deadline Moved to February 28th 2017
TESRS Reporting Instructions

We know the annual report process is complex and many Departments need additional time to compile training and emergency response records for the calendar year.  We are moving the 2016 Annual Report deadline to February 28, 2017 and we expect this will provide each department sufficient time to complete the reporting process.

We will work with each department to complete their annual report by the February 28th deadline. Please call us at (800) 919-3372 or email us at [email protected] if you have questions.

Forget your password...let the Austin Office do the data entry.
Need to add or terminate a member? Just fill out and sign the form and fax it to (512) 936-3480. We’ll do the data entry and update your roster. Keep the original forms and always check the quarterly Membership Reconciliation Report (MRR) for accuracy before we bill your governing entity for payment of contributions.

Get your black pen out …the 2016 Annual Report will be on paper.
The following steps outline the 2016 Annual Report process:
1. Submit the required 600 Series forms to identify your current volunteers, board members, and governing entity contacts (as requested in November 2016). Your annual report cannot be processed until these forms are submitted and accepted by the office.
2. Compile your training and emergency response records for each member for calendar year 2016.
3. TESRS will email you your 2016 Annual Report form containing your year-end Department Roster.
4. Print out the 2016 Annual Report form. To REPORT qualified service for each member, write “Yes” or “No” in the specified columns to indicate if the member met or did not meet qualified service requirements for training and for emergency responses.
5. If the name of a member who is no longer a volunteer appears on the Report, draw a line through the name and submit a Form 504 (TERMINATION RECORD) for the terminated member along with your Annual Report.
6. If the name of a volunteer who should be enrolled as a member of the System does not appear on the Report, add the name of the missing member using the blank lines at the bottom of the page and report that member’s qualified service (Yes or No). Submit a Form 502 (PERSONNEL RECORD) along with the Annual Report to add the new member to the pension system.
7. Adopt the 2016 Annual Report in a posted open meeting of the Local Board. Officers of the Local Board sign the 2016 Annual Report where indicated.
8. Fax the 2016 Annual Report to TESRS at (512)-936-3480. Keep the original for your record.

Accounting & Reporting Procedures

Our member departments are partners in administering our programs - we are committed to supporting local pension boards.  This page includes summary level information on our reporting requirements and program rules. 

Contribution rates for participating departments, can be downloaded

Membership Reconciliation Report (MRR)

Approximately thirty days before the close of each quarter, TESRS will send the MRR reports to the local pension board chairpersons.  The MRR report is a roster of all active members and details department membership charges and credits for the current quarter. If this report is incorrect, the local pension board administrator will need to log on to the website to correct pension records to reflect department rosters by adding or terminating members. Membership changes need to be made at least 5 days before the end of the quarter to ensure correct billings.

Departments are charged at the monthly contribution rate set by the local board under contract, which is called the 'Part One" or 'Member' contribution. The 'Part Two' or 'System' contribution will also be included on invoices, if the TESRS Board of Trustees has instituted that contribution type to make the System actuarially sound.  All contribution charges will be assessed in monthly increments, but totaled on a quarterly basis.


At the close of business on the last day of each November, February, May, and August, TESRS will invoice departments based on membership in the pension system on that date. All invoices are payable within 30 days from the invoice date or interest charges will accrue.