Texas Emergency Services Retirement System

The Texas Emergency Services Retirement System (TESRS) is a state agency that administers a pension System for 229 member volunteer fire and emergency departments across the state.  In addition to providing retirement benefits, active members are covered by death and disability benefits.  Members are also eligible for fire science-related tuition benefits.

The System is a partnership between the State of Texas and local governments in recognition of the enormous value that volunteers bring to local communities. In Texas and across the country, volunteer fire departments account for over 75% of fire service and provide critical services to local communities.  Membership in the TESRS System helps volunteer departments recruit and retain volunteers, which is good for Texas.  We're proud of our program and all of our member volunteers - Go TESRS!
Let the Austin Office do the data entry.
Need to add or terminate a member? Just fill out and sign the form and fax it to (512) 936-3480. We’ll do the data entry and update your roster. Keep the original forms and always check the quarterly Membership Reconciliation Report (MRR) for accuracy before we bill your governing entity for payment of contributions.

Online Access Information 

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If you need to add, terminate or update member information please go to our Forms & Publications tab at the top of our website.  

Locate the correct form, fill out, sign and fax the form back to us at 512-936-3480. 

Keep the original copy for your records.