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State Board Adopts Rule Changes 3/26/2018

The State Board of Texas Emergency Services Retirement System has adopted the following changes to the Texas Administrative Code:

Rule § 308.4 (Amendment): Changes were adopted in order to expand the the scope of individuals who are eligible for an off-duty death benefit. The expanded scope specifically pertains to the surviving spouse of  vested inactive members who are 55 and older and die off-duty. These surviving spouses are now eligible for a death annuity. The amendment also effects beneficiary designations once a member is terminated from the system.

Rule § 310.9 (Amendment): This amendment deals with the ability to appeal a decision of the State Board regarding Administrative Penalties and was changed to better reflect the requirements of the Texas Government Code.

For more detailed information regarding these changes, please visit http://www.sos.state.tx.us/texreg/index.shtml, or review an excerpt from the Texas Register here.

New Training Material 3/9/2018

Since Annual Reports have now been completed, Online Users are encouraged to print and provide benefit statements to their membership for review. To assist in this task, TESRS has released new training material for online users that provides a How-To guide on creating benefits statements and calculating future benefits for members.

Be sure to check out these additional sections in the TESRS Online Training Manual that can be found under the Forms & Publications tab, or by clicking on the link here.

We've also provided a how-to training video that can assist you in the steps needed to print and provide benefit statements and estimates to your members.

Please contact our office by email at [email protected] if your members encounter any incorrect information or would like to know more about their service history.
State Board Adopts New Rules 1/3/2018

The State Board of Texas Emergency Services Retirement System has adopted the following changes to the Texas Administrative Code:

Rule §302.5 (Amendment) - These changes were adopted in order to protect the system benefits earned by volunteer firefighters and first responders. The changes require departments and the Local Board to correct any errors that have occurred in the system regarding the granting of qualified service and enrollment of members.

Rule § 302.6 (Repeal) - Due to changes in Rule 302.5, the agency was able to repeal Rule 302.6, since it became redundant.

Rule § 302.8 (Amendment) - This change was required in order to correctly reference our rules to statute. The change did not affect the current function of this rule.

Rule § 308.2 (Amendment) - This amendment was adopted to correct an error and conform the section with statute. This change allows the Executive Director to determine the merits of a retirement claim if a department does not meet within 16 days, as outlined in the Texas Government Code.

Rule § 310.12 (New) - Rule 310.12 is a new rule that mandates online access to the TESRS Database, requiring local boards to follow a process in order to access this system and to put security processes in place to help protect department and member information.

You can review the adoptions in the December 29th edition of the Texas Register

We Want Your Former Members to Retire!- 10/25/2017

The Texas Emergency Services Retirement System office is sending letters to vested-terminated members (over age 55) throughout our system to encourage them to file for retirement.  You would think that these members would jump at the chance to get a check from the State for the rest of their life; however, the response has been slow.


We need your help. If you know any former members who are eligible to retire, please encourage them to file the application with our office.

If you are a vested member age 55 or older who is eligible to retire, complete a Retirement Application and TESRS Withholding Form to start receiving a lifetime annuity from TESRS. 

If you have any questions about your service history or need assistance completing the Retirement Application, please submit a "Contact Us" request and we will reach out to you.